No matter the job, most professionals do some level of analysis on their computer.  There are always some data sets that live outside the walls.  Or, some analyses that we know could be performed better in a not-easily-sharable tool such as excel, R, python, SPSS, SAS and so on.

So how do you share your personal analysis with others?  Often times people export the graphs and tables to add into a presentation file.  One of the largest downfalls to this approach is that it can cause versioning and updating nightmares.  

What if I told you that we could avoid all of this with dashboards?  Some of you may say, "Yes, obviously, Laura.  But I don't have a licensed BI tool or BI experts at my disposal!  It's not a realistic scenario for me."  Now in the past, I might've agreed with you.  If you don't have a paid BI tool, it can be tricky.  Free BI tool versions usually require the owner to host the software, or they limit the number of charts, viewers or users using the tool.

However, earlier this year, Google removed a number of restrictions to their free hosted dashboarding software called Google Data Studio.  Because of this, I decided to give the software a test drive and see how accessible it is to the non-BI expert.

Below I will take you through a tutorial that I wrote which should allow anyone to create a Google Data Studio dashboard about US Home Prices.  It should take about 1/2 an hour of your time.  It really is that easy.  So please, have a try and let me know how it goes!